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Demographics & Demographic Evaluation – Contact Us For A Free Demographic Report

Contact us for a free demographic report. Many important decisions are made based on demographics.  Your business plan, income projections and future growth are based on demographics.  My custom designed tanning salon demographic reports are provided by Alteryx, the most comprehensive demographic source in the US.  When choosing the best possible location for your salon or evaluating an existing salons location you must depend on your demographic report. A typical tanning salon will draw its client base from a three mile radius.  Tanners will tan within three miles of where they live not where they work. Therefore it is important that there are as many roof tops within one, two and three miles as possible with the one mile radius being very important.  Tanning is a destination business so there is no such thing as drive buy business.  Larger shopping centers with anchors are no more desirable than a smaller strip center. In fact if there is adequate parking in the smaller strip center and the center has easy accessibility the smaller center is a better choice. The only business that will increase traffic in a tanning salon is a fitness center. If you are in a small town isolated from other towns your salon will draw from a larger radius. There are many other points that should be considered when evaluating your demographic report.