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Indoor tanning is a booming multi billion dollar industry, however the fact remains that 90% of today’s tanning salons are struggling or in many cases failing. The reason for this is not associated with the strength of the industry. Instead it is a result of potential salon owners that open salons without the knowledge to succeed. SMU Consulting & Equipment Sales was established in the year 2000 by Stephen M. Underhill in an effort to provide potential salon owners with the assistance to enter a very competitive industry with the knowledge to be successful in any market. You too can benefit from the power that comes with knowledge.

Stephen M Underhill Years in Tanning Industry: 35+                           Image

  • Owned and operated multiple tanning salons in Dallas, Texas
  • Owned and operated a tanning equipment and supplies distributing company (Southern Exposure)
  • Distributed many different lines of tanning equipment
  • Developed and marketed a private line of lamps and lotions
  • Founder and President of Texas Tanning Association, later to become the National Tanning Association
  • Introduced automatic debit to the tanning industry through the NTA, later to become Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Creator and Author of Tanning For Profit, Tanning For Profit the Power Tan Edition, Tanning Today, Value Plus and Toning & Tanning Today the most successful marketing programs in the industry
  • Featured speaker, teaching Tanning For Profit seminars at tanning trade shows and for large chains of tanning salons
  • National Sales Manager for puretan International Inc. a tanning equipment manufacturing company for 12 years
  • Owner of SMU Consulting and Equipment Sales since 1999, assisting with the opening of new salons and the restructuring and purchase of many existing salons each year.
  • Assisted in opening the first tanning salon in Thailand, BKK SUN
  • Featured speaker for Heartland / Tan America training seminars
  • Marketing and sales trainer for Heartland / Tan America in house staff
  • Negotiate the purchase and restructure of over 100 existing salons

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